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Helmet ID - Car Seat ID - Stroller ID - Shoe ID - Infant CPR - Shoes On Easy - Child ID Kit

We provide our H.E.L.P. (Helmet Emergency Lifesaving Profile) sticker for bike helmets in English and Spanish languages, our C.S.I. (Child Safety ID) sticker for car seats and strollers, our S.A.F.E.R. (Shoe And Foot Emergency Record) sticker for shoes, our S.H.O.E. (See Here On Easy) sticker to teach children which shoe goes on which foot, our C.A.R.E. (Call And Report Emergency) sticker for telephones, our L.O.S.T. (Look, Observe, See Telephone) sticker for lost children, our Fight Child Abuse sticker and more!

Our Products

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*Helmet ID

*Car Seat ID

*Stroller ID

*Shoe ID

*Infant CPR

*High Chair Safety

*Shoes On Easy

*Emergency Telephone Info

*Telephone Safety Tips

*Poison Control Info

*Computer Safety Tips

*Emergency Contact for Lost Children

*Property Identification for Children

*Child ID Kit

*Custom Child ID Kit

*Turn Off Light Reminder

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H.E.L.P., C.S.I.,
S.A.F.E.R., S.H.O.E.,
C.A.R.E., M.I.N.E. and L.O.S.T.
brands were designed by us.

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We manufacture child id kits, child helmet identification, child car seat id, child stroller identification, child shoe id, child shoes on easy stickers, call and report an emergency telephone stickers, lost child clothing stickers, property identification stickers and infant CPR stickers. We also custom imprint these products with your company or agency name for free!

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